The Dancing Needle
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About Me

The Business

The Dancing Needle is a Georgia owned business located in Conyers, Georgia (USA) which is just to the east of Atlanta.  We provide a variety of services including embroidery, digitizing, applique and vinyl decals.  Our company is constantly growing due to our loyal customer base and it is to them that we give the biggest and most heartfelt thanks!  We'd love to hear from you so please contact us.

About Me

Ellen Miller - Owner of The Dancing Needle

I have been interested in fabrics and textiles for most of my life and have created many intricately hand-stitched designs.  My mother, who is a professional seamstress, inspired me with her work and her attention to detail.  I'm not a seamstress but embroidery and applique allows me to express my artistic talents in a way that I love which is why I opened  The Dancing Needle.  Thanks for stopping by.  I really hope we can do business. - Ellen