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Embroidery digitizing for caps, shirts, bags or any apparel. Digitized files can be provided in Brother, Janome, Kenmore or any other file format for no extra charge. Quick turn services available.

Digitizing Services

What does it mean to have something digitized for embroidery? It’s pretty simple - you have a design like a logo or image that you want to have embroidered on your apparel so you send us the image and we create the digitized file our machines use to stitch out the design. We will also provide the digitized file in any machine format (Janome, Brother, Husqvarna, etc) for you to use in your own machine.

Digitizing is somewhat of an art form so it takes time and effort to create the perfect digitized file that gives you the best looking embroidered design. Some designs can be digitized in just a single day but other designs may take a week to digitize and test so be sure to give yourself plenty of time when considering your order. Below are a few examples of digitized files that we’ve embroidered for customers. Interested? Great! Click that button above and get your free quote now.