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This Blog is going to be awesome and that's a fact.  So let's get started.  We will talk about our business, our craft and our experiences that we've had along the way.  Blog posts are open to comments so feel free to stick around and chat.

The Dancing Needle Blog #4 April 28, 2017

Beware - there are Easter Eggs hidden in this blog

It's that place right behind my left eye that begins to pound and ache when I'm at my witts end and I see no end to whatever frustration that has besieged me.  That pounding stayed with me for about the first month of owning this embroidery machine (sometimes referred to as, "stupid machine" or "piece of crap").  It is true that the inital phases of starting up a new business ends up being the worst of it and that it eventually does get better but our frustrations soon ended as we slowly began to get our feet under us and actually learn about this machine.

So the first two weeks we sweated and ground our way through and we kept a diary of questions that we were going to ask during our first training class which was held at the shop where we bought our machine.  Let me say this, if you are jumping in with both feet like we did then take my advice and get trained on whatever equipment it is you purchased.  Sure, you'll eventually figure it out but why waste valuable time and resources when you can just ask someone.  The trick is knowing what to ask and working with this new machine for two weeks generated a ton of questions for us to ask.

We went to training and asked a ton of questions!  Our teacher was quite moved by how thorough our questions were.  What he didn't know was that we had hunched of this piece of crap machine for 14 days straight and that I, at that time, was pretty certain that I had been wearing the same underwear for at least 48 hours.  I was also sleep deprived, stressed, and pretty much wondering what had happened to Ellen because she had either fallen off the mental deep end of the pool or she had just given up.  

Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.
— Bo Benett

Two weeks of trial and error and training were behind us.  It was now time to get down to making millions of dollars per year on our new business.  First up - getting some business which means advertising our services and finding customers who need our service.  This - this is by far the most difficult thing about starting a business.  How do I find customers?  Do they just come knocking and we open the door so they can throw money at us?  I wish.   We have to get noticed and to get noticed you have to have a website but to get a website you need a domain name (.com) and to get that you need to have a name for your business.  Sounds easy, right?  It's not.  Easter egg insert - This sentence you are reading now is the Easter egg that I mentioned beforehand so if you're here - you can win free stuff so keep reading.  Go to our Facebook Page now and Like the page then send us a private message with this phrase, "I found the Blog #4 Easter Egg" and you will be entitled to one of our decals from our decals page for free with free shipping.  This offer is valid until the day Blog #5 is published or five people respond (whichever comes first) so hurry along and claim your prize.   This ends the stuff about the Easter Egg.  Back to the blog.

We needed a name so we started brainstorming which is a familiar corporate exercise that I do all the time where you just start writing down anything that comes to you.  



As you write, you circle or omit those names that do or do not make sense then you collate those into an organized list to review.  Before you review them, I suggest you stop and take a drink of wine and let that settle through your veins so you're nice and relaxed because choosing a few names from a list is the easiest part.  The next step was one that started that pounding feeling behind my eye;  determining if someone has already used your name for their business.  I'll walk you though how I did that in the next blog post.

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