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Chronicles of Starting From Nothing

This Blog is going to be awesome and that's a fact.  So let's get started.  We will talk about our business, our craft and our experiences that we've had along the way.  Blog posts are open to comments so feel free to stick around and chat.

The Dancing Needle Blog: #1 April 7, 2017

How did we get to this point?  So we just up and decided to start a business and by "we" I mean my wife who was looking for something different than her dead-end job she already had. This was really her idea but I was all in.  We had no idea what that business would be but it had to be something that was scalable, needed and most importantly...something enjoyable. We toyed with the idea for weeks and several things came up as potential business opportunities. It went sort of like this;

Me:  How about a dessert business. You're really good on making desserts and we have lots of fat friends. 
Her:  No. I don't want to be in the kitchen all day.  

Me:  How about expand my photography business? I will teach you how to use a camera and you can drum up more clients. It will be great! 
Her:  No. I really do not want to do photography. That's more your thing than mine.  

Me:  You could be an Uber driver.  Your car would be perfect for it and you're on the road all the time anyway so you might as well just get paid for it.  Right?
Her:  Are you trying to get me kidnapped or something?  Do you ever watch those credible news stories on Facebook where Uber drivers get beat up all the time?  No.

Me:  Babysitting? 
Her:  I'll cut you if you ever mention that to me again! 

Me, her, me, her, me, her... This went on for weeks and weeks because we really did not have a clue on what business venture would be the best one for us. And let's face it, we're not a pair of startup entrepreneurs with a head for making money and the backing of a team of venture capitalist. It's just us. Two people with no clue and kids to feed. 

Then one day, out of my wife's mouth came the word, "embroidery" to which I responded from my mouth with, "huh?"   This took some time to register with me because I have never used the word, "embroidery" at all in my entire life and my mind could not conjure up an image of just exactly what she was talking about.  

So...embroidery.  Yeah - I know zilch about that but she was really excited about the idea and it was that type of excitement that all men have seen in their girlfriend's or wife's eyes when the perfect idea hits them and the men know it means nothing but hard labor for them.  Then she started using other words that I didn't quite understand like, "monogram" and "machine monograms" to which I replied, "oh...sewing?" and lasers shot from her eyes and burned a hole in the wall next to me.  "No, not sewing."  I learned on that day that there is some difference between embroidery and sewing and I just left it there.

So what is this blog supposed to be?  Well, it was supposed to be her blog to talk about embroidery but she stays so busy with the work that she will never actually get to it so I decided to be a leader and take the initiative and start this blog myself.  So here it is.  I'm not sure this will be a daily blog or not but it will be at least uploaded once per week and I will use it to talk about our business, our struggles, our success and what we learn along the way.  I will also continue the above story on how The Dancing Needle came to be in Blog #2 so be on the watch for it.

~ Mike