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This Blog is going to be awesome and that's a fact.  So let's get started.  We will talk about our business, our craft and our experiences that we've had along the way.  Blog posts are open to comments so feel free to stick around and chat.

The Dancing Needle Blog #6 - May 5, 2017

If you have a business then you have to have a website.  It isn't really a negotiable point anymore especially if you want your business to evolve further than just your friends and family.  This is where I thought I could contribute more to our business than just learning how to embroider which, in and of itself, is no small feat but website development and ecommerce...yeah baby!  I'm all in.

If you don’t get off your phone right now I’m going to take a hammer to the wifi router
— dad

This blog will not be a how-to for all things internet.  That's boring and not fun.  Let's just realize that I spent about 80 hours figuring out how to get a domain name registered and finding a site to host the website (the very website on which you are now reading this blog).  I did it.  It was a time-wasting, soul-sucking adventure of me staring at the screen while Ellen was crying over the embroidery machine which was partially hidden in a 2-day old pile of laundry.   To say the least, if you're thinking about starting a website then you have your work cutout for you so ask for help.  That is all.

Let's bring this blog up to the present day which is about eight months after the website first launched followed quickly by the company's Facebook page.  These two entities, the Facebook page and website, are like two puppies that we adopted because they looked so cute and adorable but ended up keeping us up late at night and begging for attention all day.  It takes constant work to maintain these pages.  Facebook is our tool to engage with our customers and to do that we need to put effort into our content and our posts.  That takes planning and execution which means constantly thinking about "what's next".  It is easy to work to midnight every night.

Hey, you're still here and that means you just won a freebie because this paragraph is this week's easter egg.  Comment on this blog below or on this blog's post on Facebook with this quote "I read Blog #6" .  Do that and you'll get your very own vinyl decal shipped to you for free.  This offer is good until the next blog post comes out.  Thanks and tell your friends.

Using both Facebook and our website to leverage our presence on the internet and engage with our customers has taken a lot of effort and dedication but it is worth it.  We're a small business and our customers are extremely important to us.  We want them to remember us and come back again and again so managing the website is not only important - it is a necessity.   If you're jumping in with both feet and want to know the steps then take these as guidance:

  1. Pull your kids out of school because their grades will suffer since you won't have time to help them.
  2. Sell your pets or donate them to a family friend because they too require interaction and attention but they will be getting none of that after you launch your website.
  3. Accept the fact that the high level of your social life will fall faster than a dog on roller skates.
  4. Learn how to be a decent photographer because posting pictures of products taken on your kitchen counter with bread crumbs in the background is not the best way to sell on the internet.
  5. Set timers to remind you to eat and shower on a regular basis.
  6. Setup your bills on autopay through your bank because you won't have time to pay those things like you used to and the electric company will turn you off if you forget.

Yeah, I think that's pretty good for now.  Sorry for the short blog but I'm actually typing this in the car as my wife drives to Athens and we're almost there.  Yes, this is my only chance to blog this week.  Yes, I have showered and paid my bills.