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This Blog is going to be awesome and that's a fact.  So let's get started.  We will talk about our business, our craft and our experiences that we've had along the way.  Blog posts are open to comments so feel free to stick around and chat.

The Dancing Needle Blog #5

The Name Game


First -  a bit of preface:

Names are important be it a name for your child, dog, town you live in and especially a business.  In fact, because today's world is driven mostly by internet commerce and search engines, the name you choose for your business will absolutely define its presence on the internet.  Choosing the right name from the beginning sets your business up for great success.  The name should give a clue about what your business is because that is what people typically search for with Google and Google knows what to look for when a certain name is typed into the search bar.  If choosing a name, become familiar with what "SEO", "tags" and "metadata" are and what it means in the search world of the internet.

I'm no expert in this and the details of all that magic internet stuff is not for this blog but if you're building a business and you are creating a website for that business - you'd better be on top of you SEO game.  Comment below if you'd like to know a bit more about it.  I'd love to help.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.
— Someone really smart on Wikipedia

Back in Blog #4, I discussed how we brainstormed to come up with a list of names for our company.  Next, we took that list and Googled the names to see if those web addresses or business names had been used.  Funny thing - there is a freak ton of people in the world who chose the same names that we did.  Not similar names...the same names!  We literally started with names that no one would have chosen - but they were chosen.  Typed them into Google and there they were.  Names like, "Ellen's Embroidery" as a business name was okay but what would the web address be?  Something like, "" which can be read as, "ellen sem broidery" which makes no sense and it's hard to type because it had an apostrophe in the name which you could not include in the web address.....grrr.  We also wanted to create an Etsy store by the same name of our website so we additionally cross-checked what was posted on Etsy and man-oh-man did this take a ton of time!

Stop.  Get some wine.  Sip.  Zen out for a moment.  Drink more wine.  Now that's better.

According to all the smart internet sites that help business owners choose descriptive names for their business in such a way that those names are optimized for Google search results, our prime name should have been, "Embroidery Custom Conyers".   Wow.  Just wow.

No church isn't.

No church isn't.

So I drank more wine and decided that I was letting Google determine the name of our business which may or may not be just embroidery.  I drank more wine, dug more and looked for inspiration and found it one evening while watching the machine's needle bounce around.  It had a very unique motion to it along with a perfect rhythm almost like it was dancing.  Dancing?  A Dancing Needle?  Yes!!!!!  Score!  If you're here then good on you for reading this far because you have found this week's easter egg.  You've earned a free decal of your choice and this time it can be a complete custom design with up to two colors.  No need to pick one from our site - just tell us what you want and you've got it with free shipping.  To claim it you MUST do three things;  "Like" The Dancing Needle's Facebook page, share Blog #5 to your timeline and then comment under Blog #5, "Blog #5 Easter Egg Found!"  All three steps are required (we check).  This offer is good only until Blog #6 is published so hurry along.  Let's get back to the blog now.  I was pumped when I that name hit me because it made sense, it was somewhat SEO optimized because it related to embroidery and sewing and it described the process of embroidery very well.  I did a quick Google check and to my luck, "The Dancing Needle" was not in use and neither was the URL (internet jargon for "website").

I quickly went to Etsy and checked - yes!  It was free there as well (sort of).  I zipped over to Google Domains and claimed, "" as my own domain and just like that - we were in business!  Bring on the e-commerce baby!!!  Sort of - kind of.  Well, not at all.  We only had a domain name and business name but we yet to have a website.  A website?  Where do I get a website and when am I going to have time to build it?  Who is going to maintain this website and how do I get content on it.  Oh, and what about a Facebook business page?  How do I do that?  I mean who in their right freaking mind would want to spend day in and day out managing all of these........... . .. .  sip that wine.  

I'll touch a bit on websites in the next blog but not much.  Honestly, it's overwhelming at times but if you really want to see under the hood, let me know in the comments on this blog post and I'll help you out.  I'm not quite a webmaster pro but I'm better at it than I was and would love to share some information with my fellow business owners.  

Until next time - sip sip breathe.