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This Blog is going to be awesome and that's a fact.  So let's get started.  We will talk about our business, our craft and our experiences that we've had along the way.  Blog posts are open to comments so feel free to stick around and chat.

The Dancing Needle Blog #8

Let's Update

The blog is back!  Ha!  Just kidding because I'll probably get to busy again to publish the next blog on time but I will get to it as soon as I can.  So yes, we've been quite busy and we have our great customers to thank so, if you're one of them - Thank You.  You Rock!  So what's been keeping us busy?  Well...

Digitized From a Customer's Photo That Was Emailed To Us

Digitizing is our newest offering and has quickly turned out to be very popular and highly sought after.  If you're not familiar with digitizing, it is simply the converting of an image into a file that an embroidery machine can stitch out.  Let's say you or your business have a nice logo that you want embroidered onto all your company's uniforms but you do not have an embroidery file from which a machine can embroider the design.  In that case, you'd hire a person or company to digitize your logo into a file format that an embroidery machine could use to embroider your uniform.   The design you see to the right is one such design which we digitized for a customer in the UK who submitted a photo of the design to us and we created the file needed for a specific machine.  The art of digitizing is complex and sometimes difficult but, as you can see, we've become quite good at it in a short amount of time.

Another service we offer is custom decals made from vinyl material and this service is also growing in popularity.  There is much complexity in the creation of some of the designs and it does take a keen eye to get the details correct.  So what are these "vinyl decals" I speak of?   The coffee mug to the left was originally just a white, basic mug with nothing on it but we added the design, "Your World is your Canvas" as shown.  Now the mug looks entirely different and has a personalized touch making it original.  Since launching decals, we have created named, personalized mugs as gifts for graduates, birthdays and even teachers' gifts and all of them were original designs.  But the designs are not limited to only mugs.  Decals for car windows, mail boxes and laptops have all been requested and the list goes on as seen in some of our work below.


And of course, there is our speciality:  Embroidery and Applique of which we have been quite busy with.  It's sort of a seasonal business but the seasons are short and occur often.  For example, there are the big seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas but there are also seasons for weddings, schools, sports, etc. and they happen in short cycles.  Backpacks, bookmarks and baseball caps are all popular items when school starts back and we've seen a bit of an uptick in those requests.  Here's a few we've done:

So there you have it.  That's what's been keeping us busy here at The Dancing Needle and is the main reason the blog was interrupted from its weekly cadence.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to all of our great customers!

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